Why Women over 50 fantasies of dating younger guy online?

over 50 dating younger men

Cougar dating has been on for generations now but our current generation has seen more and more cougars coming up openly and searching for younger guys to date. It’s no doubt you have witnessed how the cougar dating experience is going abuzz with cougar dating site adverts doing rounds online on the various commercial and social sites . But the big question is: Why are older women looking for younger men? Well, everything happens for a reason and older women in search of younger men must be definitely up to something. Here are some of the major reasons why older women as old as past 50 fantasize dating younger men:

A youthful experience
Online cougar dating is on the rise mainly because most older women are looking for men who can take them back to their youthful days so that something close to that they used to experience several decades or years away. They not only look forward to enjoy the several things that a person in relationship but they want something more; feeling as if they are in the very age when they used to go out and do crazy things with their guys years back. Men of their age bracket won’t possibly offer them a lively and fun-filled company that they so crave for. Younger men are full of energy, have new ideas and can give an older women just what they think they have been missing.

Attention from younger men
At age 50 you can find many single women who are financially independent and stable yet in all their financial success they are dying to be satisfied emotionally. Most of such women are long done with their husbands and older boyfriends and it’s not surprising to discover they have had a chain of them. One of the reasons why older women resort to cougar dating is simply to get men who can actually give them attention they deserve in a relation and that goes a long way in satisfying their emotional needs. Older men with their business commitments and other social issues are unable to give such women attention in a relationship as they would have wanted to. As such cougars will always fantasize dating younger men for a refreshing, lively and attention driven relationship.

To find a new taste of love
A relationship, be it sexual or romantic needs to be filled with new ideas, new approach of doing things and full of love. Online dating has made it possible for people of different age brackets, background and different races to meet and interact. That has provided an opportunity for older women to find younger men who are interested in dating older women leading to an increase in the number of women looking for younger men. In any case, dating older women is no crime and every consenting adult can enjoy being in a relationship. So, older women looking forward to dating younger men online and even would want to emotionally connect to them and arrange for a date physically. All this is because they want to experience new love from younger men who are in fact ready to give it to them and should they get to bond with their preferred daters, they can enjoy the best of a relationship.