Why do Younger Men Like Dating Cougar Women?


I have been getting numerous number of emails wanting to know why young men likes dating cougar women, there was a particular mail from an anonymous cougar, she’s had a relationship with a man and she says it’s torture, she is always worried if she is being used as a comparison to younger women.
cougar dating
well you are not wrong for thinking he has compared you, yes he did, and he has found out that younger women are silly, slutty, and usually boring, but you appeared fun to be with, intriguing, sexy and exciting, he decided to go with you because of these factors, but nevertheless, this is not just my opinion, there was an interview of a young man, Michael, 28 years of age, here is why he likes cougar women:

Sexuality: when it comes to sexuality, Michael said cougar women knows exactly what they want and most times they help a cub who may not necessarily be lacking the experience, but might be lacking the direction on how to please a woman. A younger woman in her twenties may not know herself or what she really likes and so may have the ability to communicate it, so in short, cougar women know what they want to see in a relationship and if the young man is lacking the direction, they can help him.

Highly Sexual: Another point to this is that, cougar women are more sexual and they are much ready to carry out explorations, to know more on what are the right buttons to push to challenge the young men to a greater level of performance, when performance is at its peak, you know what the end result is, satisfaction, and this is what anybody is looking for in any relationship, this factor alone is one of the biggest contributing factor why young men like dating cougar women, the fact that they are quite new to dating, they want to explore to greater amount when it comes to sex and romance.

Sufficiency of Self: when it comes to being able to take care of oneself, a cougar is more self-sufficient, in other words they could foot the bill for things, a young woman in her twenties and probably a college student, you are bound by limitations of how much fun you both can have and most of the expenses would be on you, so it is better for me to date a cougar woman.

They know what they want: in Michael summation speech, he pointed out rightly that cougar women know what they want to see in a relationship and they are ready to make sure their man meet up to expectations, this in turn creates more experience for the young cub, and when both parties are getting what they need in a relationship, they are happy to continue, this is less likely to be found when dating younger women.

We have been able to point out some factors why young men like dating cougar women, we hope you have enjoyed and if you are young man looking out for these things cougar women could do, why not find one for yourself, it can be a very nice experience, enjoy the rest of your day.