What Reasons Will Make You Consider Dating Older Women

youner men dating older women

For years some men have dated older women while other men have wondered why.  They wonder what the reasons that these other young men are dating older women.  Cougar dating can be quite fun and gives you an experience that dating someone your own age wouldn’t.  Here are the reasons men consider dating older women.

More Sexual Experience

Cougars dating younger men tend to have more sexual experience.  They have been around for a while and been with other men.  Best of all they are expecting sexual relations from a cougar relationship.  There is the added benefit that older women hit their sexual maturity later and are sexually active longer.

Cougars Are Drama Free

If you have dated a young woman before you know that they often come with drama.  They don’t know what they are going to do with their life and this and that happens to them.  Every small thing that happens involves complaining.  With a cougar they are established in life.  They know what they want and know what the world is like.  There is no drama.

No Strings Attached

Dating a cougar often comes with no strings attached.  You are two friends who enjoy each other’s company and have fun together.  The type of fun in the end is up to you two but often involves dating life and sex.  You can end the relationship at any time though with no hard feelings.

There is More To Talk About

Older women have had a lot more time to do stuff in their lives.  They have been to other countries, done spontaneous things, when you are with a cougar you get to be regaled with the tales of all of these activities.  You will have a lot more entertaining conversations with an older woman who has traveled the world.

Your Job Doesn’t Matter

You are young and probably haven’t had the chance to get settled in the world. While that might matter when dating young women it won’t matter when dating older women.  Cougars seeking younger men already have their own money.  You can work whatever job you want, they want you for you.

She Wants You To Be You

Many younger women want you to act older than you are.  Be mature, have a set schedule, in other words, they want you to be boring.  Cougars seeking younger men want all of those things from you.  They are looking to feel younger and all of those things help to contribute to that.  Once again you have a reason to be you.

She Understands What You Want

Just like with knowing what you want sexual a cougar has been with men and knows what they want in every part of their life.  She knows that more than anything you want to feel appreciated.  She is there to give you that feeling.  She is also there to make you feel like you have won and are a hero.  It’s hard not to feel special with a cougar.

Cougars Aren’t Flaky

Cougars have learned the importance of things like being on time, not calling off at the last minute, and being reliable.  This all comes from the life experience that cougars have gained as they grow up.  They won’t leave you hanging like a young woman might.

They Know Things

If you have trouble with work or college material they can help you.  Cougars have learned many things over the years and are enjoy giving advice and help.  They want to pass on the knowledge they have because it makes them feel valued.  Someone their own age has experienced many of the same things so they wouldn’t have the chance to pass on knowledge.

Your Friends Might Be Impressed

Depending on what your friends are like, they will probably be impressed that you managed to land an older woman.  It feels great when your bros are congratulating you.  That pat on the shoulder, high five, or slap on the back is sure to put a smile on your face.

Now that you know why younger men like dating older women you can go out and look for cougars seeking younger men.  Enjoy life, enjoy the companionship of an older woman, and take things as they happen.  There is no better way to live life than to live it the way you want.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, embrace cougars dating.