When it comes to the subject of the dating the first demography that comes to mind are the young men and women. But what about older women dating life. Let me bring it to you that it is not uncommon in our society today to see older women also dating younger men. As a result there are many people that wonder on why a lot of older woman seek out to date younger men. My goal in this article is to shed a bit more light on some of the fundamental reasons behind this phenomenon. Based on our research and some of the deliberation among our team, here are some of the reasons we think
Older women date younger men.

older women seeking younger guy

Older women dating younger men for the Feeling of being in control:
It is a known fact that there are some women that deem themselves dominant and always like to be in control whatever the case might be. As a result, these group of women tend to prefer the idea of dating younger men as they see them inexperienced and malleable. Take for example, a woman in her 50’s who some would consider a cougar, after a long life on being treated with no care and being tossed around by men, would not want a man who would want to prove his dominance as man but instead would be submissive to her every desire. And the easiest place for her to find such is in a younger man. There are people that consider this scenario as predation by older women on younger men. But our research reveals that most of these men (younger men) do not share that point of view. In fact some say it’s a symbiotic relationship, as some men say that a woman with more experience and confidence is more alluring. So in cases such as these, the relationship built is a lasting one whereby the woman enjoys being the dominant and the man the submissive.

Older women dating younger men for the Feeling of youth.
In the world we live in, most women are insecure about their ages. In fact, more than 50% of the women known to be celebrities lie about their true digits. So as a result of this insecurity and wanting to feel young and in their prime, they tend to chase after younger men who they convince they are in the same age group. Sometimes in some relationships, couples do not know the real age of their partners. So, it is not out of place for many older to base their desire for younger men for the feeling of being youthful again. Some even says the relationship reminds them of their youthful life and bring back some of the memory they cherish most.

Older women dating younger men for sexual satisfaction:
This reason does not come as a surprise because it is apparent that most women desire a healthy and functional sex life with their partners. There are a lot of older women that feel that the best way to achieve this goal is to be with someone stronger, healthier and full of energy. Some women in their late 40’s seek sexual relationships with younger men because they believe that the world evolves everyday and the youth are the products of this evolution. So in other to derive this newly gained characteristics form this apparent evolution, they have got to interacts with the evolutionary products which are those men younger than they are. So sexually these women feel the younger men can perform better because they are still in their prime, while those men in their age group, age has caught up with them already. I believe it is not surprising that we found a number of older women seeking younger men just because of the desire for sexual satisfaction.

Older women dating younger men for the feeling of completeness:
Also the reason why some older women might be found in relationships with younger men might be because of the man and not the woman herself. Alright, so a really successful woman who almost all her life focused on getting good grades in school and finding a good job and what not, after acquiring all these, might feel incomplete because she lacks the comfort of a man. In such situations these men who specialize in flirting, in most cases are younger in age, might take advantage of such situations, and act like the hero who swooped in and saved her from her predicament. In general, there are so many older women that long after younger men just for the feeling of completeness and possibly to fill a void that is apparent in their life.

Older women dating younger men to live Wildlife:
There are many older women that likes exploration. There a number of older women that go after younger men just to dare. The desire to live wild and explore different possibilities of life is the major factor behind why some older women date younger men.

Older women dating younger men Website
There are many website today that is dedicated into helping older women find the kind of younger men they long after. They provide a platform through which to meet the men of their dream and achieve their goal which might be based on any of the reasons listed above.
Well, let me say thank you for reading my opinion on why I think older women date younger men. I will like to hear from you on what you think. And possible we could hear more of the reasons you think there are many older women looking for younger men in our world today.