Cougar Dating – 5 Surefire Tips and Expert Advice To Land a Younger Guy

Did you know that 70% of the cougars out there trying to get things going with younger guys go about it the wrong way?

While some have tried cougar dating online, or physically approached younger guys in the bar down the beach, nothing seems to work.

It is either their efforts are doing nothing than attracting the wrong set of guys…or attracting none at all.

Good a thing, there is a workable remedy.

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Just as with driving a formula 1 racing car, there are laid-down steps to follow if you are to be able to get the tire rolling – only that it does not have to be as complex.

Though you can get cougar dating tips on another cougar dating site, here are my own 10 proven expert tips and recommendations that any cougar can make reference to anytime, any day, to land their dream boy.

While following these cougar dating tips to the letter will not guarantee that hunk drooling over you, not doing so will most certainly guarantee a lackluster outcome.

Give your cougar dating life a boost with these super tips.

1.Make it obvious you’re interested in him:

This one comes as no surprise to you I guess? You do not necessarily have to go over the top to get him to notice you have an interest in him – just a little gestures and body language here and there will do the trick. Here are a few to try:

Gaze at him intermittently
Bite your lips gently when he looks back
Play with your hair
Lean in when he talks to you to give him the impression of a full attention.

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2.Give him a lingering eye contact:

The normal way to go about this is by keeping it brief, but to make it effective with a younger guy make it a bit longer – like 6 to 8 seconds. Throwing in a little damn-I’m-so-shy kind of smile will further drive your stance home.

3.Dress to kill:

The saying “dress as you will want to be addressed” applies here. If you’ll want to come across to him as a cougar courting his interest, by all means, dress the part. Again, be careful not to go overboard with this.

The rule of thumb is to slip into a dress that gives you that I’m so hot feeling, without necessarily exposing too much of flesh. Just put on whatever gives a maximum boost to your allure.

4.Make it a walk in the park for him:

Sometimes, you will have to get the fire burning first before it can get stoked. Call this swimming out to your ship instead of having it come to you ashore, and you’ll not be far off.

You can start by walking over and introducing yourself. A good way to go about this is to pay him a little compliment about his amazing dress sense, color combo, smile or bright eyes. More simply, you can ask for his help. That is a good opener that will get things going.

5.Let him ask you out:

This one is a little tricky. This should be seen as a little restrainer tip while giving points 1 and 4 a try.

After doing everything to pull him in, make sure he still acts the part of a man – the fact that he is younger should not make him any different. He’s still a man, so let him do his part – asking you out.

After putting tips 1 to 4 into play, it’s either he will be interested and take up your offer or not. If the latter is the case, don’t beat yourself up about it, there are still a handful of hunks out there to consider.

You’ll only get better at it and have a better chance on your next ‘gig’. Learn to move on when you have to.

Have fun out there with your cougar dating life putting these tips into practice, refining and innovating as you go on and get more experience.

You may land that first hunk you pull the trigger on at the first shot, or not. Irrespective of the first few outcomes, one thing is sure. You will only get better at this.

I will leave you with one advice: you’ll never win if you don’t try!