5 Dating Tips to Keep Your Sugar Momma Happy

It takes time to find a hot sugar momma and establish a relationship where you’re both having fun. You need to spend time on the sugar mama dating sites, looking through profiles and going on dates. Once you find her, and you’re enjoying the lifestyle that a sugar mama can provide, you want to keep that lifestyle going. Here are some sugar momma dating tips to keep her happy.

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1. Keep It Upbeat and Fun

Nothing will convince her to dump you as fast as turning things negative. If it’s not fun anymore, then why would she want to keep paying for your company? Don’t be a whiner, complainer, sulker, or demanding brat. That’s no fun at all, and it could lead to a quick exit for you. Keep it fun. Be upbeat and be happy. Do your best to make sure she has fun when she’s with you, and she’ll want to keep you around.

2. Discover What She Likes, and Do that

This applies both in and out of the bedroom. Pay attention and use your powers of observation to discover what she likes. Perhaps you notice that she enjoys it when you caress her a certain way. File that away in your memory bank, and then do it. If you discover that she likes a certain kind of chocolate truffles, buy some for her. If there’s a song that turns her on, play it to set the mood. Not only will doing these things make her happy, but she’ll also appreciate what a thoughtful guy you are.

3. Act Classy

This includes dressing appropriately, showing courtesy toward others, and speaking intelligently. If you want your toyboy dating sugar momma to take you places, then act in a way that will make her proud to show you off, not embarrassed to have you around. Try your best to fit in with her crowd, even though it may be different from what you’re used to. Above all, be polite and charming to all of her friends, and never bad mouth any of them.

4. Pay When You Can

A sugar momma dating younger men knows that she has more financial resources than you do, and she’s fine with paying the lion’s share of the bills. That doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t appreciate it if you pay a little now and then. Let her cover the expensive hotel bill, but you could go up to the bar and buy you both a drink now and then. That makes you seem like less of a moocher and more of a gentleman.

5. Show Appreciation

When she does things for you, express your appreciation. If she buys you a fancy watch for your birthday, thank her and tell her it’s just what you’ve always wanted. If she takes you on a getaway to the Bahamas, talk about how wonderful that resort was, and how much you enjoyed those glorious walks on the beach with her. This makes it far more likely that she will want to do those things for you again in the future.